The bottom line of my work with what you might call environmental training is to give the ponies a new alternative to their natural instinct to run away when they see something they don’t understand. I can show them a million of different objects but I still cannot expose them to all kinds of scary situations they will be exposed to later on. So the purpose of the training is to make the new alternative their first choice – stay soft and listen – even if you don’t understand, even if you are scared or even if you don’t want to.

So when I put umbrellas, tarp, or big colourful balls on the riding arena, it’s not to train them not to be afraid of these things. It’s to make them react. Then I have the opportunity to train them to deal with the reaction – stay with me, stay soft and listen, and I promise you, you’ll be fine and survive.


Below you can watch a short movie from one of my clinics, describing theese thoughts. Enjoy!

Training to create a new behaviour
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